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Health Equity

Due to disparities in social and economic status, certain groups of Ohioans are at a higher risk of poor health, illness, and death. In pursuit of health equity, the Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Prevention and Promotion (COE) strives to minimize how socially determined factors impact health outcomes. Health equity can only be achieved when all Ohioans are afforded the opportunity to meet their highest-potential health.

Prevention science plays a critical role in advancing Ohio toward health equity. Prevention professionals seek to identify the inequalities that lead to poor health outcomes and create equitable solutions that give all people a path to a healthy life.

Equality, Equity, & Justice

The terms, equality and equity are often used interchangeably, but have different meanings. The notion of justice has recently been added to conversations about equality and equity.

  • Equality refers to evenly distributed tools and assistance.
  • Equity refers to custom tools and assistance that identify and address inequality.
  • Justice refers to fixing the system to offer equal access to both tools and opportunities.

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