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Prevention Science

What is Prevention Science?

Prevention science draws from multiple disciplines and encompasses a broad range of research including epidemiology, sociology, psychology students designed to identify risk and protective factors. Based on the public health model, prevention science begins with promoting MEB health development in a way that engages the entire community to prevention or decrease the impact of high-risk behaviors. Prevention is only effective when communities have access to supports and program that address their unique needs.

Evidence-based Practices

Strategies grounded in data and evidence-based practices are used to develop skills-based positive attributes such as self-regulation, self-efficacy (belief in abilities), goal setting and positive relationships, and improve individual and community protective factors, such as relationship skills, conflict management, and positive problem solving.

Prevention Support in Ohio

Challenges like addiction, disease, poverty, poor mental health, and domestic violence have impacted the lives of millions of Ohioans. Preventionists throughout Ohio are planning, implementing, and evaluating initiatives to reduce the impact of these challenges. The Center of Excellence serves as a partner to further their work. We offer support, connection, funding, and resources to help the prevention community make Ohio a place where everyone can thrive.

Why Should We Focus on Prevention?

Why Should We Focus on Prevention?

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